How it works?

If you have all of the following information on hand, you can setup an event and start taking entries in less than 5 minutes.

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Setup your Event

1. Add an event

Name, venue, date and the name of your organisation.

2. Add the "Entry Settings"

Add entry close time, organiser email address, upload official event PDFs

3. Add price tiers and classes/slots

Add tiers for individual or families. Add classes or start time slots.

4. Go live

Start accepting entries on your dedicated event page.

While your event is taking entries

1. "Entry Form" email

The most important details of each entry form including payment are emailed to you as they enter.

2. Your event dashboard

Get a closer look at who has entered, what class and how much they've paid.

Download a comprehensive report at any time with the entries to date.

3. Process refunds

Refund the full or partial entry form cost. In the unfortunate case your event gets cancelled you have the option to refund all entry forms.

Laptop illustration
Laptop illustration

When entries close

1. "Entries Closed" email

You will receive an "entries closed" email and a link to download the final report.

2. Download your report

An XLSX report broken down by Entrants, Takings and Entry Forms (+Questions/Answers)

3. Questions/Issues

If you encounter any issues at any time we are on call/email to support you.